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Advisors' Role & Organizing Decisions

The advisor acts as a coordinator between the issuing company and the stock exchange.

The advisor is one of the specialized companies in financial consultancy. His role is limited to qualifying the company to be listed on NILEX, preparing for the process of offering the company?s shares to be traded on the exchange and providing training for the company?s employees on the Listing and Disclosure rules and how to comply with them.

The advisor does not intervene in the management of the company in any way and does not have any authority over any investment decision taken by the company.

Role of Advisor
  • Evaluates if the company is compatible to be listed on the SMES Market.
  • Advises and assists the applicant company on the listing rules and regulations.
  • Guarantees that the company is fully aware with its listing commitments to the SMEs market.
  • Assists the company in preparing its financial statements and submitting them on time.
  • Assists the company in fulfilling all the listing procedures.
  • Supports the company in the IPO or the Private placement.
  • Signs an agreement with one of the Certified companies that presents the Research Coverage annually for the companies they support.
  • Commits to develop an Investor Relations Department in the companies they support.

The advisor's obligations and responsibilities will be maintained for at least two years from the date of the company's listing.

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