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About Nilex

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in the Egyptian economy as it contributes by about 75% of the economic growth and 80% of employment. In spite of the importance of these companies, they often face funding difficulties when they plan to expand and reach new markets. The government has paid great attention to SMEs by providing many funding initiatives; most important is of which is NILEX. It is considered the significant mechanism to help SMEs to get their required financing and their capital increases.

  • Financing options and the role of NILEX

    When your company plans for expansion and growth, you look for the appropriate funding options for those expansions which is compatible with their needs and capacities. The company may resort to bank loans, but for SMEs, they may face some obstacles that hinder them from it which are can be summarized as follows:

    • absence of the financial system for SMEs.
    • Few or no collateral because of the lack of assets.
    • lack of strong financial companies performance.
    • high degree of risk due to low management efficiency.

  • What is NILEX?
    NILEX is the first market for the financing SMEs in the Middle East and North Africa region. NILEX provides funding opportunities for promising companies from all sectors without complications, allowing them to raise their competitiveness and provide more job opportunities. This is within a framework that combines between the flexibility of listing the promising companies and protecting the rights of both the listed companies and investors.

  • NILEX ... Gateway to Finance

    NILEX is a market for mid and small capped enterprises within EGX. This market provides the necessary funding for these companies to help them expand and grow. Despite the importance of this sector to the economy as it possess a high potential for success and growth opportunities for the economic growth, its capital formation is limited because of the constraints it faces in the funding. Thus, NILEX provides unlimited opportunities for financing and expansion. it is important for SMEs to switch to a shareholding company in the light of the current economic developments. Accordingly, it is natural to that the family companies and SMES to be threaten of demolishing its existence and continuity, thus, it is necessary to work on the development of SMEs to be transformed a shareholding company that is listed on the exchange board. This will raise its ability to cope with the basic challenges that result from these variables, as well as protect them from collapsing. In addition, other benefits are offered by NILEX, which can be summarized as follows:

    • To obtain long-term funding for the development of the company's business through increasing its capital or an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
    • Stronger position in front of customers, suppliers and banks.
    • Determine fair value of the company and protect it from disintegration in the future.
    • Protect the rights of partners and to facilitate the exit strategy in case they wish to at a fair value.
    • Facilitate the integration of small companies and combination to create a more competitive entities.

  • Trading hours: Sunday - Thursday
    Trading Commence: 10:00 am
    Trading Close: 2:30 pm

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