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Why Joining Nilex?

Nilex gives medium and small cap companies a chance to raise capital within a regulatory environment designed specifically to meet their needs. Nilex offers relaxed listing & disclosure requirements as well as lower listing and trading fees.

1. Relaxed Listing Requirements:

Nilex offers more flexible listing rules compared to the main market, with respect to the minimum capital, number of shareholders, number of shares to be offered to the public as well as the company's financial track record.

2.Lighter, yet Cohesive Disclosure Rules:

The majority of the main market disclosure rules have been maintained to ensure market efficiency and investor protection. The mid and small cap companies however, are to submit their audited annual financials to the exchange and the Capital Market Authority, while quarterly and semiannual financials are to be approved by the company's management only before submission.

3.Helping the Company in the Listing and Offering Process:

  • There is a nominated advisor who helps the applicant company in getting listed on the exchange and in the initial public offering of its shares.
  • The nominated advisor also helps the listed company to abide by the listing and disclosure rules and assists the company in preparing its financial statements and submitting them in due time.

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